Global Dawn

Ms. Gelbard has lived, studied and worked in England, France, Belgium, Spain and Israel, where she has lived since 1978.

Her professional experience includes commercial diplomacy at the British Embassies in Madrid and Tel-Aviv, marketing consultancy and marketing writing for the hi-tech industry in Israel.

Global Dawn
The Author: Deborah Gelbard

About Deborah..
Deborah Gelbard, University of London honours graduate in French and Spanish literature, also has a Higher Diploma in French Studies from the University of Nice, France.

She has published academic essays on the work of Marcel Proust and is a former Technical Editor of Horizon, electronic magazine of the International Peace Research Association.

An excerpt from "Global Dawn" entitled

"The Jerusalem Gig"

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Excerpt from Global Dawn:
Chapter 1

Reuven leaned back, clenched his fists and stretched. With broad, work-callused fingers, he furrowed dark brown hair back from his brow. Then, he picked up the diary from the desk in front of him and gently pulled on its satin marker: It was August 3rd, 1999.

He thumbed forward a few pages.
"Just a week 'till the memorial meeting for Yoni," he said to himself, manoeuvring a pen thoughtfully between his lips. [...]

Yoni’s tragic death was the awkward circumstance of Reuven’s reunion with Jeanine the year before. He was killed in a mortar attack near the Lebanese border alongside two other young soldiers. The funeral was a military affair with all the formality such ceremonies entail. Reuven recalled Jeanine's figure at the graveside, her mane of ginger hair swept high above the sombre shades of her mourning clothes.

His inclination to reach out to her was stalled by the appearance of an unknown figure at her side. The stranger inclined his head, and from where he stood close by, Reuven observed the intimate moment when she pressed a comforting hand into his palm. There was a disturbing beauty in her composure in the face of tragedy.

Global Dawn - Chapter 1

Global Dawn
Science fiction and novel writers have provided us with a key factor of the human condition that scientists often ignore: Passion. Author, Deborah Gelbard, provides this uniquely human attribute in her engaging exploration of a world in which realism is interwoven with the dreams, designs and beliefs of the creators of the Global Dawn project.

In the guise of Global Dawn, Gelbard captures the hitherto unwritten passion of the

The Digital Earth Community

First articulated by former Vice President Al Gore in 1998, the Digital Earth envisages a virtual representation of the Earth linked to vast digital archives facilitating understanding of the Earth and of human activity upon it.

Cleverly, through the creativity and unresolved inner- child issues of Reuven, her protagonist, she connects us with the wonder and awe of Global Dawn (alias Digital Earth), captured in the souls of adults and reflected in the glowing faces of children.

Her insightful use of the natural design secrets of the universe in the structuring of Global Dawn is in harmony with contemporary thought among those who contemplate a sustainable future for humanity. Among these, she cites:

R. Buckminster Fuller

whose majestic geodesic dome at the Epcot Center in Florida exemplifies the glorious and useful discoveries awaiting those who are closely attuned to the laws of nature.

Gelbard’s portrayal of Reuven’s emotional roller coaster and the dynamic tensions among Global Dawn’s Inner Circle generates an interesting cast of characters.

By developing Global Dawn on the foundation of the Digital Earth, Gelbard has achieved an innovative concept in her novel: She weaves science, art, mysticism and spiritual growth into an enticing drama that combines the joy and the angst of embracing a common destiny for humankind amid grim, present-day realities. Hopefully, this novel will inspire cadres of thoughtful people, when looking towards the future, to say, “Why not?” and “Why not now?”

The above text is extracted from the Foreword to Global Dawn by Dr. Timothy W. Foresman, Digital Earth pioneer and founding member of the International Society for Digital Earth.

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Excerpt from Global Dawn:

Reuven idled among the towering pines of Fontainebleau [...]

From the thickness of the mist at the far end of the glade emerged the grey silhouette of a roughly clad man. With the index finger of one hand curled towards his chest, he beckoned to Reuven, while raising a finger of his other hand to his lips in tribute to the silence that surrounded them. Reuven tried to follow him, but found himself unable to stand.[...]

Reuven grabbed at the nearest tree trunk for support. He had heard tell of the "Wild Hunter of Fontainebleau". Some said he was Death in disguise. He trembled with foreboding. The humming subsided and the space ahead of him cleared. He lay back against the tree and burrowed his bare toes into the knotted undergrowth. [...]

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